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SHINE NGO is an independent charitable organisation working to better the lives of people living in Hyderabad, India.

Through a range of empowerment, welfare programmes encompassing education, health, awareness building and self-help projects, SHINE helps thousands of beneficiaries within Hyderabad and several nearby villages.

“Empowerment of the marginalized through capacity building and sustianble rural and urban development programmes


“Empowerment of the marginalized through capacity building and sustianble rural and urban development programmes

Making one person in every family digitally literate is one of the integral components of the Prime Minister’s vision of “Digital India”. Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyaan is the scheme to make six crore persons in rural areas, across States/UTs, digitally literate, reaching to around 40% of rural households by covering one member from every eligible household by 31st March, 2019.

SHINE NGO had Successfully completed Training of PMGDISHA





SHINE NGO Articles and NEWS

“To give a boost to personal hygiene during the menstrual period I decided to make bio-degradable and cheaper sanitary pads and we made ‘SHINE ULTRA’ Pads” – Parmeshwari Chadurupally

Parmeshwari Chadurupally Founder of SHINE NGO has been honoured with Sri Swabhiman Excellency Award by the Union Government for inventing eco-friendly and cheap sanitary pads ‘SHINE ULTRA’

Shine NGO

Parmeshwari Chadurupally Founder Of SHINE NGO received award from IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. Celebrating that event sakshi published an article how shine NGO has started how much struggle has faced in her life And how she Survived from the Dangerous health problems.

Shine NGO

This is the article published on Andhra Jyothi on 10th may 2018,  that raises the problem about women facing the problem. SHINE NGO come up with an solution for the periods for the women. That is recycled and low cost sanitary pads which is made form trees with the cost of 8 pads 28 rupees only. The main motive of this NGO is that now women should not get illness due to periods problem due to lack of money. So, Andhra Jyothi find this Shine NGO for doing best thing for society and people will aware of it and utilized this best opportunity.

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What does SHINE do?

Since 2014 SHINE works in the Hyderabad and near by rural localities. SHINE is a social venture that is convinced that socio economic empowerment of women starts with generating an acceptable income and getting education. SHINE introduces the urban illiterate women to sustainable livelihoods through an area based community model that respects the cultural and social identity of the women in the society. Also SHINE supports them in educating their children.

Women power

Training and Income Generation:

SHINE provides livelihood training’s such as tailoring and embroidery skills And other vocational, income generates courses. But also educates the women in entrepreneurship opportunities and access to finance (micro savings). Besides of that SHINE generates a source of income for the women by manufacturing and selling handmade products with unique ethnic like zardozi, shadow work, chain and crewel stitch work. These products range from multipurpose mats, to cell phone covers and gift bags. As SHINE women create products they are becoming agents of change – respected by community, family and themselves

Activities for women
– income generating /vocational training programs
– access to finance
– market orientation and value education
– counselling support
– Skill Development
– Henna / Mehendi design teams available
– Arabic and Marwari designs for weddings / festivals etc
Shine NGO

SHINE NGO is distributing tailoring machine for poor women who can do their work and others works also that can save money for clothes tailoring, that money they can use for their children education or food. 


Shine NGO