SHINE NGO and CSC are taking initiative to Educate Rural Girls and Women about personal hygiene in menstrual days. Every 7 minutes one Indian woman is affected by cervical cancer. In India, 49% School going girls in rural areas are skipping schools during the menstrual time because they can’t afford for sanitary pads and lack of proper education about menstrual hygiene.

It is the Main Reason for the increase in cervical cancer cases in India.

‘SHINE ULTRA’ are sanitary pads manufactured by rural women and distributed free of cost in schools. CSC (CSC E-governance India Ltd) is supporting this initiative for social change.

SHINE conducted a survey knowledge on Menstrual Hygiene and Cervical Cancer.

A survey mainly foucused on RURAL VILLAGES
(Turkayamajal,kammaguda,patelguda,ragannaguda, gurramguda)
These survey was mainly focused on Menstration and Cervical Cancer these survey was done individualy to Women’s.

The Main AIM of these survey was to known about the Menstrual Hygeine and the Relation to Cervical Cancer.During these survey we had an Health Education on Menstrual Health and Cervical Cancer for EVERY WOMEN.

The Population was selected Randomly.The Randomly selected sample was educated personally. The totall population we included was all menstruating women.Population choosen was between 16-50 years. In these survery most of the people Homemaker. Most of the Population have less knowledge on Menstrual Hygenine and the total population have less awarness on Cervical Cancer..


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